Gather objects that represent you and your life. These can be baseball cards, newspapers, magazines, fashion items, or anything else you can imagine. You can also write a letter to your relatives that tell something about you, your family, or your community beside that you helped American Kids International Parents.

Put these items into an envelope and seal it securely. Each envelope will be put into a plastic cover and all plastic covers into a plastic container and buried in a three-foot hole in the ground at our location.

When it will be open in 2062, people that you choose will find artifacts that will give them some information about how you lived.

Please fill the form bellow and put it in a regular envelope!

If you choose option for your letter to be public it will be posted on our website in 2062.

Time Capsule Form

(download here)

WVU Student Organizations American Kids International Parents were successful in their bid to get parking for students with children at the Rec Center! Feb 14, 2012-W.V.U.

WVU Student Organizations American Kids International Parents receives children's books from First Book! Thank you First Book! Mar 8, 2012-W.V.U.